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About Us

Who We Are

Opus Academy is composed of experts with a unified vision to drive outstanding employee, client, and user experiences without compromising quality. Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience in establishing and growing operations in the Philippines and abroad.

We are leaders with proven track records in managing, developing, and improving processes in various industries and enterprises. Over the years, we have become specialists in information and communication technologies, leadership and industry best practices, management approaches, planning, and implementation, among others.

As experts, we offer knowledge, experience, and insights to help you achieve your goals for your business.

What We Do

Opus Academy is your partner, whether you’re a small or medium-sized business looking to outsource your processes or hire consultants for simple or complex projects, or a Philippine-based company exploring your expansion or contingency options. We provide courses designed to give you the skills and knowledge needed for you to succeed in and navigate through the different steps of your business life-cycle: mobilization, transition, operation, optimization, and expansion.

The courses we offer cover a wide variety of subjects. Each course is created to fit current demands and is delivered to suit your organization’s requirements. In fact, the courses we offer are fully customizable, taking into careful account your organization’s needs, timelines, culture, and other aspects that make it unique.

We take an end-to-end approach to the solutions we offer. It doesn’t end in training—as your partner, we assist you through planning down to identifying areas where your operations can be improved. We are fueled by our goal to offer exemplary customer experience and interactions while helping you save costs.

Where We Have Been

Over the years, we have worked with clients from various industries in different parts of the world. Some of the organizations we have worked with include:

• A leading Australian online travel agency that specializes in providing discounted airfare
• The largest name among Australia’s coal mining companies
• The largest media company in Australia
• A leading telco that serves both Australia and Singapore
• An ERP software company based in Singapore
• A leading fleet management platform in the U.S. logistics industry
• A U.S.-based product design company that specializes in gadgets for cellphones
• A leading US healthcare company
• A leading cloud-based technology platform that also distributes innovative health insurance products to American clients
• An AI-powered web app company

Opus Academy Learning Session


Opus Academy offers a wide variety of technical and leadership training courses to help you outsource or expand better. Our courses are designed and delivered to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and insights that modern companies need to protect and grow their business in a fast-paced and demanding environment. Whether your goal is to improve your process, adapt to the latest tools and technologies of the trade, boost your organization with the right people, or train your leaders, we have the right course for you.

Our training courses are fully customizable to fit your unique requirements. We understand that no two organizations are exactly the same and that the formula for better business isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Because of this, we strive to take your business’ process, structure, culture, and timelines into account, from training and coaching your people down to identifying the changes needed for you to achieve optimal results.

As part of our commitment to quality, we keep ourselves updated with the times. At Opus Academy, we have worked with some of the most prominent names in business in different parts of the world. We have seen how trends and best practices have changed over the years, as well as the impact of these changes on brands and how business is done. These several years’ worth of experiences and insights are embedded into each of our courses – priceless knowledge you can use to benefit and enrich your own organization.

Opus Academy offers the following programs this 2019:

• Lean In Action
• Intro to Six Sigma
• Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
• Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
• Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
• Intro to Operational Excellence
• Intro to Design Thinking
• Basic QC Tools
• Intro to Agile Project Management
• Intro to Data Analytics
• Automation Basics
• Data Visualization
• Operational Metrics
• Measurement Systems Analysis
• Data Analytics
• Operational Excellence for Startups
• Agile Project Management
• 8 Disciplines of Problem Solving
• Automation Essentials
• Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

At Opus Academy, we don’t offer half-baked solutions. We embrace our role as your partner toward better business, so we provide complete solutions that begin with getting to know your needs and end with actual results you can assess and measure. To do this, we coordinate with you every step of the way, up to completion.

Contact us today and tell us about your concerns and requirements. We’ll get back to you to answer your questions or guide you through the enrolment process.

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